Ball to Ring

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Ball to Ring is a thrilling game experience made to test your memory with different colors. Ball ring games will be enjoyed by any age of the person who is willing to pass their leisure time with a simple mobile game. This will help you to relax your mind for a moment from your stressful daily routine. In a Ring to the Ball game, the player should click on the right and the left side of the screen to catch the balls into the rings of the same color. First, you will get three rings of different colors. Random balls with different speeds and colors are moved from the top toward the rings. You have to rotate the rings by touching the left or right side of the screen so that each ball enters the ring according to its color. If the ball hits the ring with the right color, the score is added and the game continues, otherwise, the game is over and you can hit restart to play again. The Ball ring game gets over if you wouldn't able to rotate rings to correct rotation before the color ball falls off. So, just start the Ball to Ring game and rotate the rings so that the ball is in the same ring.





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