Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy recognizes and accepts the protection of the privacy of its users as a fundamental principle.

In the games developed by us, in the applications we produce for your mobile devices and in the content provided by third parties that you can access on our website; Personal information such as the user's ip address, location information and some feedback data may be collected in order to improve the games.

The purpose of collecting this data and the policies we apply when collecting data are explained in detail below.

The personal data we collect are stored within the scope of the obligations imposed by Law No. 5651 on Hosting Providers when necessary. In addition, the following service providers that our site works with for advertising, security and statistical services may record your data within the scope of their own privacy policies.

- Google Adsense

- Google Admob

- Google Analytics

- CloudFlare

In addition, in some games, data is collected by asking users to provide feedback and this data is used to improve the games.

Use of Collected Data does not use the data collected within the specified limits for any reason other than to provide a better experience with the games it develops and to display personalized advertisements.

The purposes of use of the collected data are listed below.

Personalized advertisement display
Reminding the user of previous activities.
Statistical analysis to improve the visitor experience.
Creating a database for the games we have developed and will develop in the future.
About Cookie Usage
Cookie or cookie is the name given to small files that are uploaded to the user's computer in order to recognize the user or collect statistical data. The information we obtain using cookies is used to provide the user with a more realistic gaming experience.

We are aware of our responsibilities regarding the security of your personal data and we make maximum efforts to protect your security. While we prevent your data from being accessed by third parties with the use of SSL, we use the latest firewall technologies for the security of the data stored in our databases.

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You can contact us using the information below to get help with any questions you may have about our privacy policy.

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