Stickman Jetpack

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Stickman. Jetpack is a cool casual game with the famous ragdoll physics. Defy gravity and reach the finish line. Simple at first glance, the game will present you with difficult challenges.

You are equipped with a jetpack and your goal in this game is to fly successfully to the finish line. But it's not that simple!
Firstly, the fuel is not infinite. If it ends, you will fall and the game will have to start over.
Secondly, there will be a lot of obstacles along the way, when you meet them, the jetpack will explode with you!

Features of the game:

⭐ More than 10 exciting levels
⭐ Different game modes and tasks
⭐ Simple controls and cool ragdoll physics

Think over each trajectory and prove that you are a master of virtuoso flight!





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