War Zone- Action Shooting Game

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War Zone-The Soldier is a 2d shooter action game that will leave you spellbound! This gun game is one of the best top free games in the platform-style 2D action shooting games.

In this classic 2D shooting game, you are a super-soldier named Captain Roy, who is on a mission to shoot down the enemies. Infiltrate the headquarters of the enemy organisation and use your skill & military prowess to defeat all the enemies within. Use the touch joystick to move around and tap to jump and shoot. With different guns and grenades to battle, the army shooting games for free will keep you hooked for hours.

Players who like best offline shooting games, popular games as well as 2-d games, must play this one of the most exciting indie games.

Smash All Hostile Threats

As the super-soldier, dodge enemy attacks and skillfully take down all enemies – can you prove your worth and complete your mission? Sharpen your skills and warfare tactics as you take on main boss in the ultimate soldier fighting games. As you advance through the shooting games for free to defeat the enemies and bosses, the upgrade option for weapons is provided.

Challenging Levels For Army Soldier Gamers

Whether it is indie games or offline games, army soldier gamers always love challenges. War Zone is a reflex-based action soldier games focused on fighting and combat, so it is very challenging to play.

Every new location is filled with enemies, and you will be rewarded handsomely after defeating them. As a result, there's no way army soldier gamers will get bored while playing this action-packed military games for free.

Explore Diverse Maps

There are several maps to play on. Each map has a unique design and incredible routes for combat. Try out these maps and complete the mission by killing the enemies as a soldier, and get rewarded with boosters like Medikit, Grenade, Extra damage, Critical damage, Magnet, and Shoes. Many army game gamers love this game because it is simple; however, the gameplay is superb and challenging.

Which war games are worth your time? It’s a tricky question to answer since there are many 2d shooting games for free. Give this army game for free a try today and see if you can survive the awesome 2D games.

Special Features

• Skill Tree allows having special gaming powers
• Powers include Airstrike, Shield, Increasing health
• Use Special Guns
• Boost Damage, Fire rate, Critical damage, Critical rate with up-gradation of the Primary guns
• Aggressive and robust enemies of both types – ground and air!
• A wide variety of weapon guns to unlock and choose from

It’s the perfect free gun games app to play without wifi! War Zone - The Solider army game is completely free play, but some optional in-game items will require payment. Download War Zone - The Soldier now for FREE to play!

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Thanks to everyone who plays our new top free games 2023! Try 2d shooter action Game & never stop playing!

P.S - This action soldier game is also optimized for tablet devices.Special items can be purchased with real money within the game.

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